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Our yearly webinar series is designed as a year-long training in donor relations for both new and experienced shops. Whether purchased individually or as an annual subscription, our webinars provide tangible ideas that you can implement at your organization, large or small. Led by our team of experts, we'll explore the latest trends and best practices, introduce new and innovative ideas, and provide a wide range of examples and advice each month. 

2020 Webinar Subscription: Your Recipe For Donor Relations Success

12 monthly webinars

Presented by the DRG Group

Save $100 over purchasing our webinars individually!

This year, we're dedicating each quarter of the year to one of the 4 Pillars of Donor Relations—spending 3 months diving into the main concepts and challenges of each of the pillars. With a nod to Lynne's first love, baking, these mouth-watering topics will provide you with a recipe for donor relations success. With this subscription you receive:

  • Access to 12 monthly webinars taught by our team of fundraising experts (January - December) at a discounted price

  • A recording of each webinar that you can access on demand at any time 

  • 12 CFRE continuing education points (1 per webinar)

  • Access to exclusive DRG discounts throughout the year

  • One subscription for your entire team - there is no limit to how many people can view each webinar

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Kitchen Fundamentals: Gift Agreements that Set You Up for Success

This webinar has ended, but you can purchase a recording below. 

Successful donor relations and baking all begin in the same place…the kitchen. Without an organized, thoughtful, prepared kitchen, your culinary efforts are for not. The same applies to successful fundraising shops – with clear expectations and effective giving tools that begin before the ask is even made, we create a framework that allows our organizations to administer donor funds correctly and to maximum capacity. In this session, learn the core tenants of effective donor acceptance, gift agreements, and crafting fund purposes that will set your shop up for success. We will explore gift agreement do's and don'ts, emerging trends in the industry, and learn what is needed to get our kitchens in order.

Modern Kitchen

Ingredients Matter: Fund Stewardship that Will Maximize Impact 

This webinar has ended, but you can purchase a recording below.

We all know you should invest in quality ingredients when creating a sweet masterpiece. The ingredients will make or break your success. Ensuring that you have the best policies and procedures in place to make sure your organization fully maximizes donor funds will likewise impact your success. As we all know, you can't ask a donor for more money if you don't steward the funds you already have. Join us as we explore how to steward our donor directed funds in a careful, thoughtful, and donor-centric manner. (And how to fix those problem funds!)

Baking Ingredients

Sweet on You: Writing for Gratitude and Impact

This webinar has ended, but you can purchase a recording below.

Baking is an art form – it requires patience, thoughtfulness, exactness, all balanced with a heaping spoonful of love. Likewise, communicating with our donors in a personal and inspiring manner requires the same attributes. Crafting effective content requires a fine balance of fact, impact, and emotion. Join us as we explore tips and tricks for personalized and creative donor communications and samples from across the country. Let’s show our donors just how sweet they are.

Blondies with Icing

Chefs In the Kitchen: Assessing and Streamlining Your Acknowledgements

This webinar has ended, but you can purchase a recording below.

There are often too many chefs in the acknowledgment kitchen. Decentralized partners are not collaborating with each other, everyone is talking in different languages, and at the end of the day the donor experience suffers. The first step in organizing the kitchen chaos is to conduct a comprehensive survey to understand what is taking place across your organization, evaluate that data based on best practices, and implement change that will not only create efficiency and scale, but also sweeten your donors’ giving experience. Join us as we explore how to conduct this assessment and get your chefs in order.

Happy Chefs

Baking from Scratch: Building a Winning Acknowledgement Program

This webinar has ended, but you can purchase a recording below. 

Once you have assessed the current state of your acknowledgement program, it’s time to gather the ingredients and evaluate. Just as a chef never creates a masterpiece without a plan, developing acknowledgement policy, procedures, and protocols are imperative to your organization’s success in delivering acknowledgements that inspire. Join us as we look at acknowledgement program infrastructure that will help ensure your thank you letters are timely, efficient, and organized.

Food blog

Brownies vs. Souffles: Making Over Your Acknowledgment Style

This webinar has ended, but you can purchase a recording below. 

Brownies are delicious – basic, but will aptly sooth your sweet tooth. But if someone serves you a soufflé, you know they must love you. The same applies with our acknowledgements – we can serve our donors brownies and fulfill their basic need for gratitude (standard 8.5x11 letters with a logo), or we can create new and inspiring gratitude communications that move them to the point of joy, pride, and hopefully, future philanthropy. Join us as we explore some of the very best gratitude communications from across the country in various mediums, utilizing technology, and topped with a heaping spoonful of creativity.

Sweet Souffle

Not Your Grandma’s Tea & Cookies: Revamping Your Recognition Society

This webinar has ended, but you can purchase a recording below. 

Are your recognition societies getting stale like cookies that have sat out too long? Are they cumbersome to implement and lacking in engagement and ROI? Well it’s time to rethink the traditional society construct. This webinar will explore how organizations are reshaping their recognition framework to create meaningful experiences that drive affinity and communicate impact – everything from tiers, benefits, events and communications geared towards the modern donor.

Tea Time

Slicing the Pie: Priority Impact Reports & Design Tools

This webinar has ended, but you can purchase a recording below. 

One (giant) piece of the donor relations pie is tackling impact reporting. It’s a make or break component of the donor relationship. But given all of our competing priorities, it’s hard to know where to start, what to prioritize, and how to effectively meet increasing demand. Join us as we explore the most critical impact reports your shop should be producing, scaling these efforts, and even some design and template tips and tricks. We will explore impact reporting that doesn’t break you, or the bank.

Raspberry Pie

A Cake to Feed All: Implementing Behavior-Based Recognition Programs 

This webinar has ended, but you can purchase a recording below. 

Sometimes we have to feed a large crowd. We have finite resources, both in staff and budgets, and we have to strategize ways to satiate many donors with different interests and needs. By developing a program based on donor behaviors, in lieu of arbitrary giving amounts, we can ensure we are communicating gratitude and impact to donors at all levels of giving. This webinar will assist you in identifying priority donor behaviors you need to reinforce, personal communications to these groups, and strategy development to increase donor retention. Everyone gets a slice.

White Cake

Visual Appeal: Creating Video Content Donors Want to Devour

This webinar has ended, but you can purchase a recording below. 

It’s all about the presentation. Nothing brings to life a great story like video and strong imagery. Just as a chef wants to create a culinary experience for a guest, donor relations professionals are responsible for transporting their donors into the world they help make possible through charitable giving. Explore with us the components of a great video, easy and inexpensive technology platforms you can utilize, and the best examples of non-profit videos from organizations of all sizes and budgets. Learn how to develop visual stories that leave your donors wanting (and giving) more.

Heart Dessert

Five-Star Rating: Donor Relations Metrics to Drive Your Strategy

This webinar has ended, but you can purchase a recording below. 

Mastering tiramisu and developing metrics for your Donor Relations program have one thing in common – they are both notoriously difficult. But with thoughtfulness, patience, and the proper roadmap, both are attainable (and will bring you great happiness). In this webinar we will break it down so that you will leave knowing what to track, where to get the information, how to assess the ROI, and who you need to engage in the process. We will look at organizational case studies demonstrating how metric-driven strategy has positively impacted the fundraising bottom line. Earn yourself a five-star rating when you develop your own successful metrics program.


Taste Testing: Donor Surveys to Gauge the Sweet Spot

This webinar has ended, but you can purchase a recording below. 

Donor satisfaction is the number one driver of donor loyalty. How satisfied are your donors with recognition, engagement, and communication they receive from your organization? What resonates with your donors in their giving experience? What culinary risks can we take with our supporters? Asking key questions and changing our work from being reactive and anecdotally based, to forward-thinking strategy based on solid donor feedback is step one in your long-term success. Join us as we explore best in class surveying practices including identifying the right questions, attaining organizational buy-in, and turning your survey results into actionable strategy. Let’s ensure your efforts are hitting your donors’ sweet spot.  

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