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As the world struggles to emerge from the pandemic we want to continue to be a resource for you. This series was created to help guide you and your team as you adjust and step into a new normal. We’ve learned a great deal in the last year and a half, now is the time to apply this knowledge! There is no returning to “normal” and that’s a great thing. Let's explore what to keep and what to abandon when it comes to our events, communications, and working environments. Purchase individual sessions, or get the whole bundle and save $25!


Events Now and in the Future

$50 | Recording Now Available | Presented by Lynne Wester

As we begin to gather in person again, our donor experiences become top of mind. How do we do this, and how will it look? What elements do we retain on-line and what do we transition back to in person?But we need to dig deeper than that. It is time to consider what types of events we should have in the future and what those experiences mean for our guests. Join us to discuss not just logistics but strategy as well. Come prepared to chat about the guest experience, programming, and adapting to future needs. The way forward isn't crystal clear. But together, we will showcase a path that is strategic and innovative.

Communications that Resonate and Relate

$50 | Recording Now Available | Presented by Lynne Wester

It’s a new world of communications—many of us have transitioned to a digital-first style. But what happens after we return to our offices?  Do we return to in person meetings? Do our communications change, too? What do we keep and what goes? This webinar will cover communications in a post-COVID environment and how to cut through digital fatigue. Together we will explore what content is most effective and paths for delivery that make sense. We’ll talk metrics and more, strategizing about what pieces to keep digital and what to return to analog—or when it's appropriate to create hybrid experiences. Bring your listening ears, your communications plan, and an open mind for the possibilities ahead!

We’re Not Returning to Work! We’re Returning to a Workspace!

$50 | Recording Now Available | Presented by Lynne Wester

Whether you’re already working in the office or still remote, the time comes when our organizations have to rethink what it means to be in a working environment. And these decisions have a tremendous impact on you and your work—from your clothing choices (goodbye sweatpants and leggings!) to your co-workers, to those you lead and manage. 

Let’s join together to talk about the changing priorities in our working environments. We’ll talk and share about coping with the change, COVID PTSD and other after-effects, and more. How do we best communicate our needs with leadership, our co-workers, and our teammates? Who are the key stakeholders in our decisions, and what does that look like moving forward? How do we reset our expectations around workloads and work lives? How do we honor people’s decisions while not second-guessing our own? Lessons are here in maintaining camaraderie, managing resentment, and resetting expectations. We will cover this and more in this open, safe, and respectful webinar/conversation.

Coming Out of COVID Webinar Bundle

Save $25 When You Buy the Bundle for $125!

Interested in all three topics? Purchase the bundle and save $25 over buying them individually. You will be automatically registered for every webinar in the session and receive reminder emails with the login and access information before each live event. 


Can I buy one registration for my entire team, even if we're all viewing it remotely? 

Yes! Just complete your purchase and you will receive a confirmation email (check your junk mail folder if you don't see it) with a link you can share with your team members that allows them to register for free. Only one purchase is required per organization. 

Will a recording be provided for those who can't attend?

Absolutely! We send a recording of the live session to all registered attendees within 24 hours of the live event ending. You will also receive a recording if you purchased a webinar after the live session has ended.


Are these webinar included in the purchase of a 2021 webinar subscription?
No. This series is separate from any other webinar purchases that have been offered. 

Do these webinars count towards my CFRE certification?

You betcha! Each webinar included in this series has been approved for 1 CFRE continuing education credit. 

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These webinars have been approved for 1 CFRE Continuing Education credit each.

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