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How to Tell Your Story, Leverage Your Network, and Land the Job You Want


In this day and age, applying for an open position is easier than ever. In most cases, you’re just the click-of-a-button away from being considered for a job…along with the hundreds of other people who clicked that very same button. 


So how do you stand out to a hiring manager drowning in resumes and cover letters? How do you represent your accomplishments and capture your passion and impact when trying to land the position you want?


Join recruiter and talent management wiz, Kathleen Casanova, for a three-part webinar series to learn exactly what to do to get noticed. In this course you will learn how to identify, craft, and effectively tell your story through your cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn and how best to build and leverage your network to get in the door with the people making the decisions.  

What you will get:

  • Three, one-hour webinars 

  • Concrete advice from a nonprofit recruiter

  • Document templates and examples

  • Specific steps to take to whip your materials into shape

  • *15 minute session with Kathleen to review your materials and ask questions after the completion of the course

What you will learn:

  • How to effectively tell your story

  • How to create a value proposition

  • When and how to use your value proposition

  • How to contact recruiters

  • How to format your resume and LinkedIn to get noticed

  • Dos and don't of resumes and LinkedIn

  • Different types of networking/outreach and who to send them to

  • The importance of networking when you don't need something

  • Much more!

Whether you’re ready for a new position or are preparing to advocate for your next big promotion or raise, you will walk away with valuable insight as well as the tools you need to get noticed and land the job you want. Each week will build off the previous and will include homework and tasks to accomplish before the next so that at the end of the course, you are ready to tell your story so that you can write the next chapter working in your new dream job. 


  • $300


  • Week 1: Tuesday, August 28 | 1 pm ET

  • Week 2: Tuesday, September 11 | 1pm ET

  • Week 3: Tuesday, September 25 | 1pm ET

Can't make the live webinar? Don't worry! We'll send a recording to everyone who registers. 

*This session must be booked within four weeks of completing the course.

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