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"This was one of the best conferences I have attended, and I took away so much information and best practices to implement at our organization. I gained so much joy in such an interesting and fun environment. The day flew by and was so impactful!"

"This is not your average conference with talking heads, egos are checked at the door and everyone is willing to share ideas and learn from one another. Lynne and her team are experienced, knowledgeable, and come prepared to arm you with the tools you need to make positive changes to better your program when you leave. I was very impressed and will definitely attend again!"

"I was blown away by what this conference offered in terms of quality content and atmosphere. You packed a lot of insights into two short days. Thank you for keeping your conference costs down so public employees, such as myself, can further our professional development!"

"Lynne is a mastermind at donor relations and comms, her extensive knowledge of this space and innovative thinking ensures every conference provides new insights and key takeaways."

"Best conference I've ever attended. This was my second time and I learned even more! I brought my leadership team this year and it has opened the door for a culture change in donor relations! We are blown away!"

"The DRG team delivered! Their high energy, real-life examples, and solid core of best practices made this a great training for both new and seasoned practitioners."

"The Four Pillars conference was more then I expected it to be! Lynne is fun, witty, and has boundless knowledge. No wonder she's the "Guru"! The entire experience and presentation was fantastic. Highly recommend Lynne and her team!"

"Donor Relations Guru Group helped me to figure out the application of how to do the things that I know our organization should be doing. This wasn't just ideas being thrown at me, but rather the "hows" and the "whys" of certain processes. It was extremely valuable and has already bolstered my confidence as to what should be done at my organization."

"One of the best conferences I've been to. The mix of practical advice, statistics, best practices, and humor left me eager to return to my team and begin rethinking how we do our work."

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