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Research has shown that it costs seven times more to acquire a new donor than it does to keep an existing one. Yet, only 22% of new donors give again. So how can we turn new donors into loyal supporters who give again and again?


One of the most crucial keys to retaining donors is creating an effective donor communications program that resonates and engages your audience. The nexus of the donor experience is strategic communications and donor relations.


Communications, in all types and mediums, plays a crucial role in any nonprofit’s success. There is an ever-increasing demand for content that not only acknowledges and stewards past gifts, but supports future fundraising efforts, is personalized for our donors, and is nimble to your organization’s needs and priorities.


So how do we go about creating a dynamic donor communications? How to we create messages that truly resonate? How do we write for both persuasion and gratitude at the same time? How do we meet the demands for print, video, and social content that answers everyone’s needs? Where do we start?

Join me for my one-day donor communications conference and you'll learn:

  • How to effectively tell your story using the 4 Pillars of Donor Communications

  • How to create communications donors want to consume and share

  • When to use certain types of communications over others

  • How to advocate for change and attain buy-in with internal constituencies

  • How to eliminate communications that aren't working

  • Simple changes to transform a bad communication into a good one 

  • Tests to run on your current communications efforts to evaluate effectiveness

  • How to make the donor the hero of your work!

  • Much more!


I’ll inspire you with samples of amazing communications, teach you the same proven strategies I’ve shared with clients all over the world, and equip you with the tools you need to create and implement a winning donor communications strategy at your nonprofit.


Submit a communications piece for workshopping in advance here, or bring them with you the day of! We will be doing hands on writing and communications editing and ideation, so put on your thinking caps and bring your sense of humor!


Stop wasting time and money trying to attract new donors! Come spend the day with me and learn how to keep the ones you already have!

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