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DRG On Demand: Acknowledgments

This bundle includes the following webinar recordings:

Mastering Acknowledgments: A Comprehensive Guide - Presented by Angie Joens and Sarah Sims

Saying Thank You is both an art and a science. We must balance the need to display genuine gratitude with operational and broad-scale efficiency. These two things don’t naturally go hand in hand. Join us as we explore best practices and trends in acknowledgment writing, how to complete an acknowledgment audit, and implement an organized approach to donor gratitude in a decentralized environment.  

Sweet on You: Writing for Gratitude and Impact - Presented by Angie Joens

Baking is an art form – it requires patience, thoughtfulness, exactness, all balanced with a heaping spoonful of love. Likewise, communicating with our donors in a personal and inspiring manner requires the same attributes. Crafting effective content requires a fine balance of fact, impact, and emotion. Join us as we explore tips and tricks for personalized and creative donor communications and samples from across the country. Let’s show our donors just how sweet they are.

Chefs In the Kitchen: Assessing and Streamlining Your Acknowledgments - Presented by Matthew Helmer

There are often too many chefs in the acknowledgment kitchen. Decentralized partners are not collaborating with each other, everyone is talking in different languages, and at the end of the day the donor experience suffers. The first step in organizing the kitchen chaos is to conduct a comprehensive survey to understand what is taking place across your organization, evaluate that data based on best practices, and implement change that will not only create efficiency and scale, but also sweeten your donors’ giving experience. Join us as we explore how to conduct this assessment and get your chefs in order.

Baking from Scratch: Building a Winning Acknowledgment Program - Presented by Jan McGuire

Once you have assessed the current state of your acknowledgment program, it’s time to gather the ingredients and evaluate. Just as a chef never creates a masterpiece without a plan, developing acknowledgment policy, procedures, and protocols are imperative to your organization’s success in delivering acknowledgments that inspire. Join us as we look at acknowledgment program infrastructure that will help ensure your thank you letters are timely, efficient, and organized.

Brownies vs. Souffles: Making Over Your Acknowledgment Style - Presented by Lynne Wester

Brownies are delicious – basic, but will aptly sooth your sweet tooth. But if someone serves you a soufflé, you know they must love you. The same applies with our acknowledgments – we can serve our donors brownies and fulfill their basic need for gratitude (standard 8.5x11 letters with a logo), or we can create new and inspiring gratitude communications that move them to the point of joy, pride, and hopefully, future philanthropy. Join us as we explore some of the very best gratitude communications from across the country in various mediums, utilizing technology, and topped with a heaping spoonful of creativity.

Timely Thinking about Thanking - Digital Acknowledgments - Presented by Lynne Wester & Jan McGuire
Many organizations moved their acknowledgments from print to digital in the past several months. This decision has now been compounded by issues with USPS and the upcoming deluge of election mail. This session will cover what is working and what still needs to be addressed in the digital space including ongoing messaging as the pandemic continues, how to stay relevant and meaningful, and tools to make online thanking easier. From providing a digital acknowledgment swap to exploring whether this shift is temporary or permanent, we will cover what you need to know about digital thank yous.

These 6 previously recorded webinars will teach you how to create meaningful acknowledgments that surprise and delight your donors—and keep them giving! Each session is an hour long and taught by one of our experts. The entire bundle is just $250 and can be shared with your whole organization. 

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