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DRG On Demand: Communications

What does every pillar of the 4 Pillar of Donor Relations require? Swoon-worthy communications! These 8 previously recorded webinars will teach you how to create powerful communications—both digital and print—that will move your donors to emotion and inspire them to action. The entire bundle is just $325 and can be shared with your whole organization.

This bundle includes the following webinar recordings:

Crafting a Story that Inspires - Presented by Lynne Wester

We all know about the power of a good story in fundraising, but why are they so powerful? What is it about the human brain and how it works that makes a story so critical to the decision-making process? In this webinar you will learn about structuring and crafting your stories to create more engaging and emotionally compelling stories that will grab your donors and supporters. You'll also learn how to find stories and create compelling characters that your donors will fall in love with and want to support. Join us as we learn the fine art of creating compelling stories that forward the mission of your organization.

Video Engagement that Won't Kill Your Staff or Budget - Presented by Lynne Wester

Video may be king these days, but you don’t need huge budgets and elaborate studio equipment to connect with the modern donor through video technology. Video is becoming as much a daily part of organizational life as email and donor relations professionals need to know how to implement video in quick, efficient, yet customized manners. Join this webinar to learn how to execute engaging video programs that won’t break the bank and will truly resonate with your donors.

Sweet on You: Writing for Gratitude and Impact - Presented by Angie Joens

Baking is an art form – it requires patience, thoughtfulness, exactness, all balanced with a heaping spoonful of love. Likewise, communicating with our donors in a personal and inspiring manner requires the same attributes. Crafting effective content requires a fine balance of fact, impact, and emotion. Join us as we explore tips and tricks for personalized and creative donor communications and samples from across the country. Let’s show our donors just how sweet they are.

Visual Appeal: Creating Video Content Donors Want to Devour - Presented by Lynne Wester

It’s all about the presentation. Nothing brings to life a great story like video and strong imagery. Just as a chef wants to create a culinary experience for a guest, donor relations professionals are responsible for transporting their donors into the world they help make possible through charitable giving. Explore with us the components of a great video, easy and inexpensive technology platforms you can utilize, and the best examples of non-profit videos from organizations of all sizes and budgets. Learn how to develop visual stories that leave your donors wanting (and giving) more.

Communicating with Donors During Uncertain Times - Presented by Lynne Wester

These past few weeks have been unsettling to say the least. In some ways they are allowing us to lay bare and question everything we do. Foremost among that are the communications we are sharing with our donors. Our communications need to be more thoughtful than ever and based on the needs of our donors, not necessarily those of our organization. Join DRG in this webinar to learn how to strategize and execute crisis communications, whether it be for one donor or thousands. We will cover the necessary items for recovering, and then thriving, during these uncertain times. As a community we will study what works and what doesn’t and you will leave this webinar with concrete next steps and answers to your questions to better serve your donors.

Moving Forward: Communications in Our New Reality with Jim Langley - Presented by Lynne Wester and Jim Langley

As the COVID-19 pandemic remains among us, we must continue to adjust our messaging, language, and tone when it comes to fundraising and donor engagement. Organizations must find new, authentic, and empathic voices to connect with their supporters during this time. What does this voice sound like? How does this translate in both digital and hard copy communications? How do we build relationship bridges with the words we choose? From fundraising, engagement, affinity, and impact – we must shift our communications lens in order for our fundraising shops to thrive. Join us as we provide the communications guidance you need and examples from around the industry that inspire our work. 

Communications on Tight Timelines and Even Tighter Budgets - Presented by Lynne Wester

The outlook is lean over the next couple years – perhaps even longer. We’re constantly being asked to pivot, form communications on little to no notice, and with limited and waning resources. Let’s look together at organizations who are coping well and utilizing communication opportunities that require little financial resources, but are mighty in creativity and scrappiness. We will review the current trends and best practices for nonprofit websites, email, social media, printed donor communications, and media relations so that you can assess where you are now and develop a strategic plan going forward. We will discuss customizing your plan by prioritizing where to invest or divest your time and limited budget. You will leave this webinar with tools to create dynamic, personalized communications that make your donors (and CFO!) happy.

10 Seconds or Less: Writing Digital and Social Content that Resonates - Presented by Lynne Wester and Jan McGuire

You have less than 10 seconds to capture your readers’ attention – are you using this brief opportunity effectively and efficiently? Join Lynne as she explores the challenging art of writing content for web, email, and social media outlets. She will provide you with a framework for effectively communicating on these platforms by focusing on purpose, content, and key audiences. Grab hold of this opportunity and don’t let your 10 seconds slip away.

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