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DRG On Demand: Engagement

Looking for donor engagement guidance and inspiration? These 4 previously recorded webinars have you covered! The entire bundle is just $150 and can be shared with your whole organization.


This bundle includes the following webinar recordings:

Engaging Your Top Donors Through Custom Engagement Plans - Presented by Sarah Sims
You have the basics down pat...acknowledgements, fund stewardship, and reporting are all well in hand. But what are we doing to connect and engage with our top donors as individuals, on a customized basis? How do you use donor relations and individual engagement plans to strategically move and deepen the relationship? "Surprise and Delight" is a term coined by development consultant Susan Washburn to describe the little, unexpected ways to engage with your donors - leading to great dividends. Join us as we explore ways in which to not only strategize and execute these plans, but also view some of the innovative and ingenious surprise and delight moments being implemented across the country. 


Video Engagement that Won't Kill Your Staff or Budget - Presented by Lynne Wester

Video may be king these days, but you don’t need huge budgets and elaborate studio equipment to connect with the modern donor through video technology. Video is becoming as much a daily part of organizational life as email and donor relations professionals need to know how to implement video in quick, efficient, yet customized manners. Join this webinar to learn how to execute engaging video programs that won’t break the bank and will truly resonate with your donors.

Virtual Engagement: Communication and Recognition During Social Distancing - Presented by Lynne Wester

After you and your development partners have checked in on your donors at the beginning of this crisis period, how do we continue virtual engagement opportunities that are personal and meaningful? Join this webinar as we explore non-solicitation, non-event engagement ideas that will help you continue to express gratitude, convey important information, connect donors to your mission and beneficiaries, and keep relationships moving forward. We will come together to ideate engagement opportunities our audiences want and need right now, as well as frequency and timing tactics. From small technology touches to large volunteer efforts, we have samples galore of what you can be doing right now to keep your donors connected and motivated.

Top Donor Engagement During a Pandemic - Presented by Lynne Wester and Matthew Helmer

You probably are staring at your IEPs (Individual Engagement Plans) and wondering “what now”? The truth is, your top donors are still your top donors, regardless of the current state of affairs. While your short-term plans for these donors may have changed, there are still many tactics you can employ to retain their long-term engagement and keep the relationship moving in a positive direction. During this session we will discuss how to shift some of your touchpoints online, review examples of remote gifting that work, and explore engagement opportunities that are still viable and meaningful in this climate. Bring your crumpled up plans and we will together to help smooth them back out and refine top donor engagement now and in the future.

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