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DRG On Demand: Recognition

This bundle includes the following webinar recordings:

A Cake to Feed All: Implementing Behavior-Based Recognition Programs - Presented by Sarah Sims and Angie Joens

Sometimes we have to feed a large crowd. We have finite resources, both in staff and budgets, and we have to strategize ways to satiate many donors with different interests and needs. By developing a program based on donor behaviors, in lieu of arbitrary giving amounts, we can ensure we are communicating gratitude and impact to donors at all levels of giving. This webinar will assist you in identifying priority donor behaviors you need to reinforce, personal communications to these groups, and strategy development to increase donor retention. Everyone gets a slice.

Not Your Grandma’s Tea & Cookies: Revamping Your Recognition Society - Presented by Sarah Sims and Matthew Helmer

Are your recognition societies getting stale like cookies that have sat out too long? Are they cumbersome to implement and lacking in engagement and ROI? Well it’s time to rethink the traditional society construct. This webinar will explore how organizations are reshaping their recognition framework to create meaningful experiences that drive affinity and communicate impact – everything from tiers, benefits, events and communications geared towards the modern donor.

Visual Appeal: Creating Video Content Donors Want to Devour - Presented by Lynne Wester
It’s all about the presentation. Nothing brings to life a great story like video and strong imagery. Just as a chef wants to create a culinary experience for a guest, donor relations professionals are responsible for transporting their donors into the world they help make possible through charitable giving. Explore with us the components of a great video, easy and inexpensive technology platforms you can utilize, and the best examples of non-profit videos from organizations of all sizes and budgets. Learn how to develop visual stories that leave your donors wanting (and giving) more.

Virtual Engagement: Communication and Recognition During Social Distancing - Presented by Lynne Wester
After you and your development partners have checked in on your donors at the beginning of this crisis period, how do we continue virtual engagement opportunities that are personal and meaningful? Join this webinar as we explore non-solicitation, non-event engagement ideas that will help you continue to express gratitude, convey important information, connect donors to your mission and beneficiaries, and keep relationships moving forward. We will come together to ideate engagement opportunities our audiences want and need right now, as well as frequency and timing tactics. From small technology touches to large volunteer efforts, we have samples galore of what you can be doing right now to keep your donors connected and motivated.

Gone are the days of annual honor rolls. (And thank goodness—amiright?) Discover more meaningful and effective ways to recognize donors in these 4 previously recorded. The entire bundle is just $150 and can be shared with your whole organization.

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