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Amazing Gifts to Send Donors (& Friends) During COVID-19

By Lynne Wester

Hi Everyone!

During COVID-19 times I have found myself needing ways to cheer myself up. One of the ways I have done this is by surprising and delighting others. I’ve done some doozies, from having gin and tonic delivered to a Kona Ice truck birthday surprise to amazing cookies and work from home candles, I have decided to support one small business each week at least and surprise my friends across the country. You can do the same for your friends or donors.

Here is a list of who I’ve been using, along with some tips and tricks. Do you have somewhere that is doing fabulous shipped gifts? Let me know by posting their link in the comments and sharing with the DRG community!

Also if you want to order every single one of these things for yourself… go ahead—absolutely no judgment!!

I get no money from these companies whatsoever and have used every single one more than once, so they have my stamp of approval. Remember, it's COVID times y’all, so be patient with shipping and delivery times.


Drizly - Two words, ALCOHOL DELIVERY. Drizly is an app and a website, and for most people they deliver within an hour. All the booze all the time. You’re welcome.


Hayley Cakes & Cookies - Hands down the BEST custom sugar cookies I have ever had. She has sassy designs, can do college logos and anything you want—they are a small business woman-owned and led and just phenomenal people.

Wunderkeks - One of my new fave cookie companies that delivers thick chunky goodness.

Baked By Melissa - Tiny yummy cupcakes in the most amazing packaging!

Jeni's - Ice cream, sorbet and yumminess packaged well and delivered quickly.

eCreamery - You can make custom ice cream flavors and they are super yummy!

Edoughble - No bake ready to eat cookie dough. Uhm, yes please.

Parker's Crazy Cookies - You send them photos they send you custom cookies!! Amazing!

big.fat.cookie - Shannon says these people are kind and the cookies are DELICIOUS!!

Tiff's Treats - You can order WARM cookies and milk. Enough said.

Insomnia Cookies - Similar to Tiff’s treats- YUM

Garrett Popcorn - The Best damn popcorn. Get the Chicago Mix. Just do it.

Economy Candy - This is a great NYC candy shop where you can ship care packages. They also sort all of their candy by COLOR so you could do school spirit or org colors and ship the candy near and far!

O&H Danish Bakery - Family-owned bakery that makes AMAZING Kringle and ships nation-wide.


Elisabeth Rose - This tiny place in Davidson, NC is hand pouring “work from home” candles and they are amazing and their packaging is swoon worthy!!

Taja Collection - You can customize the whole candle and they are expensive but so amazing!!

Glassy Baby - Hand blown glass candleholders- gorgeous and amazing and each one gives back to charity

The Paper Craft Pantry - She has these amazing surprise paper parcels that are the! Try them!

Succulent Studios - Monthly succulent subscription service and delivery- amazing cuties!

Lula's Garden - Cute succulent delivery for home offices!

Shutteryfly Photo Puzzles - You submit photo, they send a jigsaw puzzle of that photo to you or your donors

Make Playing Cards - A company that will let you make custom playing card decks for quarantine time!

Card My Yard - A company that huge, fun signs in your yard (and cleans it up!) to celebrate birthdays, a new baby, graduations, and more.

Insect Lore - A great gift for families with small children stuck at home—you can send a butterfly kit and watch as your caterpillars grow into butterflies!

Who can you surprise and delight this week? Don't forget to share some of your favorite small business and COVID-19 gift ideas in the comments below!




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