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Our Favorite Donor Valentines

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

Valentine’s Day and Donor Relations go together like strawberries and champagne. Like peanut butter and chocolate. Like wine and…nearly anything. You get the point. If Donor Relations had its own holiday, it would be Valentine’s Day. Because it is literally our JOB to LOVE on the people who make our good work possible. We get paid to tell people what they mean to us and how they change the lives of not only us, but the people who benefit from our organizations. It is a no-brainer to not only use this holiday for our advantage, but to get creative, fun, and light hearted! We've seen some great ideas surrounding Valentine's Day and wanted to take a moment to highlight a few that have made us smile.

Here are some of our faves by category…

Downloadable cards for sharing with their friends and family:

Social media posts:

Thinking outside the (chocolate) box:

2x3’ card with pop-out yard sign for the ultimate fan…

Gratitude video…

Framed historical photos of your donors…

Mailable cards…

The options are endless! What did you do to spread some donor love this Valentine's Day? Leave a comment and let us know - we'd love to hear! If Valentine's Day snuck up on you this year, use this post as motivation to start planning for next year!

Whether it be your top donors, long-time consecutive donors, new donors, or every single one of them – have fun, be thankful, and tell them why you go together!

This post was written by DRG Group member, Sarah Sims. Sarah is a consultant, speaker, educator, and the Executive Director of Donor Relations at the University of Florida. 

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