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The DRG Group is thrilled to be returning to Toronto for a brand new conference in 2019! Let's face it, our organizations can't survive without strong partnerships. That's why we're designing an entire conference around this theme. Join us to learn how to effectively partner with those who are essential to your organization's success. 


Surprise & Delight

Your acknowledgement letters bring tears to your donors’ eyes, your impact reports make them swell with pride, and your events draw crowds. But what are the highly personalized ways in which you can demonstrate that you know your donors as individuals? “Surprise and Delight” is a term coined by development consultant Susan Washburn to describe the little, unexpected ways to engage with your donors.

Bring Your Events to Life: How to Create the Interactive Donor Experience

The results are in and the survey says donors want hands-on experiences at our events. It’s a proven strategy for connecting donors with the impact of their generosity, but where does an event planner start? In this session, we explore best practices in bringing interactive experiences to life at events, including examples of what’s worked (and what’s flopped!), plus tips on developing partnerships to keep costs under control.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…No It’s a Donor!

How do you recognize your donors and what structure do you have in place to recognize (and reward) their behavior? What about donors in different generations and life stages? It doesn’t take a cape to make someone feel special. In this session learn how even the smallest donor relations shops can demonstrate the superhuman impact these individuals have on your organization.

Crowd-Sourced Problem Solving

Partnering for the optimal solution!



One of the most crucial keys to retaining donors is creating an effective donor communications program that resonates and engages your audience. The nexus of the donor experience is strategic communications and donor relations.

Communications, in all types and mediums, plays a crucial role in any nonprofit’s success. There is an ever-increasing demand for content that not only acknowledges and stewards past gifts, but supports future fundraising efforts, is personalized for our donors, and is nimble to your organization’s needs and priorities. Join us for our one-day donor communications conference and you'll learn:

  • How to effectively tell your story using the 4 Pillars of Donor Communications

  • How to create communications donors want to consume and share

  • When to use certain types of communications over others

  • How to advocate for change and attain buy-in with internal constituencies

  • How to eliminate communications that aren't working

  • Simple changes to transform a bad communication into a good one

  • Tests to run on your current communications efforts to evaluate effectiveness

  • How to make the donor the hero of your work!

  • Much more!

We'll inspire you with samples of amazing communications, teach you the same proven strategies we’ve shared with clients all over the world, and equip you with the tools you need to create and implement a winning donor communications strategy at your nonprofit.



Day 1: $300/person

Day 2: $150/person

Both Days: $400/person


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Toronto Airport West
5444 Dixie Road, Mississauga, ON, L4W 2L2

To get our DRG Group rate click this link, call the hotel directly at 1-905-624-1144 and choose the option for reservations, or call Hilton central reservations directly at 1-800-445-8667. Use the Group Name Donor Relations Guru. The cutoff for the block rate is July 17, 2019.

We make every effort to find comfortable and affordable accomodations in close proximity to our event sites. Please note that this hotel is about 12.5 km from the conference location. The DRG Group does not provide transportation between the two locations.



This conference has been approved for CFRE continuing education credits. The breakdown for points is as follows: 4 Pillars Day 1 (6 points), Workshop Day 2 (3 points), both days (9 points)

CFRE ConEdLogo-2019.jpg

This conference and workshop provides attendees with 6 CFRE continuing education points.

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