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Ever wanted to work with our team but didn't have the budget for an on-site visit? We have great news! The DRG Group is currently offering one-hour blocks of virtual consulting on any topic for only $200 an hour. 

Purchase as few or as many hours as you would like and our team will reach out to schedule your one-on-one time with Lynne. Here are just a few of the things we can help with via telephone or video conference:

  • Crisis Communications

  • Event Planning & Communications

  • Reporting

  • Revamping Processes

  • Evaluating Communications

  • Hiring & Talent Management

  • Problem Solving

Virtual consulting provides you with the opportunity to work with our team sooner instead of waiting months to get on her calendar. Plus, it saves you money on travel and lodging and can be done while so many of us around the world are working remotely.



Need an invoice or more information?


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