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Donor Experience

At DRG, we believe the best donor experiences begin with a meaningful purpose and connect seamlessly into the fabric of your organization’s overarching narrative.


More than just an event, an artful experience is one of the most memorable ways to achieve your business goals while delivering surprise and delight to your donors. We use the framework of the Four Pillars of Purpose Driven Events along with our years of experience to guide our work together.

What to Expect from DRG's Donor Experience Ideation Services

As storytellers, we work side-by-side with our clients to achieve success through thoughtfully curated, customized experiences that engage attendees from start to finish. We can help you identify key business goals, develop experiential concepts to reinforce that purpose, and equip your team to execute with the donor experience at the heart of it all. Whether you’re preparing dedicated events to convey gratitude and showcase impact, recognize your donors, or planning a large-scale campaign celebration, DRG can help you conceive interactive and immersive moments that meaningfully connect your core messages to the audience and linger in the hearts and minds of your donors long after the experience ends.

Our customizable approach to donor experience ideation will boost your team’s efforts with creativity and a focus on clear results and a measurable ROI. In addition to maximizing your potential to wow audiences, we’ll help you stay focused on the why behind your donor experiences and the importance of delivering results. From strategy development to creative concepting and guidance for implementation and assessment, we are with you every step of the way. We also offer hands-on training for your team and other fundraising staff to help your organization sustain its delivery of impeccable donor experiences for years to come.

The DRG team has designed and executed innovative donor experiences around the globe, and we’re ready to help you bring stories of generosity to life in unique and memorable ways.


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