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The Donor Experience (DX) Quiz

When a donor makes a gift to your organization, how do they feel about their experience? Let's find out if you're surprising and delighting your donors — and where there are areas for improvement.

Quiz Length: 5 minutes
A woman reviewing the results of a Donor Experience (DX) score with a man who's just taken The DRG Group's quiz.

How to get the most out of this quiz:

Take the quiz & receive your DX Score

Spend five minutes answering our burning questions and we’ll deliver your score, along with an explainer.

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Share the results with your team

Use your results to kick off a team conversation. Do you all agree with the score? Are you surprised? Do you know where you need to improve?

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Identify your areas of greatest need

Reach out to our team so we can shed more light on your score. We’ll help you set priorities for the biggest impact.

Stay in the know

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