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The Keys to Becoming an Extraordinary Leader

An organization is only as good as those who lead it. Leadership can propel organizations to new heights or send them crashing to the ground. At the DRG Group, we have decades of experience leading successful teams and working alongside leaders of all kinds. We know what works and what doesn't, the impact extraordinary leadership can have on an organization, and the skills and characteristics that are common among the best and most inspiring supervisors. And we want to share that hard-earned knowledge with you through our newest program for future-oriented leaders: The Leadership Experience (LX).

Created for professionals who are committed to strategic donor relations, the LX is our KNOWHOW cohort—you KNOW how to do the work, now we'll show you HOW experienced professionals lead. Then you can take that knowledge forward to advance yourself, your organization, and our profession as a whole.

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The LX is an exclusive cohort of experienced donor relations professionals designed to help you become an extraordinary leader through high-level thought work and training. 

Every member of the LX cohort will go through an application process and will be screened and selected by the cohort facilitators. Only 20 applicants will be selected for this cohort and it will run from August 1, 2022 until August 1, 2023. 

Each member will be paired with a DRG Consultant and Strategist to allow for small group coaching and personalized interaction (groups will be curated by type of organization and area of focus). 

Here is what you will receive as a member of The LX Cohort:
  • 10 hours of virtual, focused learning, including thought-leadership, conversations, and breakout sessions with the DRG Group in the following areas*: 
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
    • Talent Management and Retention
    • Strategic Decision Making 
    • State of the Industry/Future of the Industry
    • Crowd-Sourced Problem Solving
    • The 10 hours will be structured as follows:
      • 1 one-hour Get to Know Your Cohort introduction
      • 3 three-hour intensive virtual meetings  (1.5 hours as a cohort, 1.5 hours in breakout conversations according to industry, shop size/specialty, leadership area, and the 4 Pillars) 
      • This cohort does not include formal presentations—sessions will be made up of cultivated content through conversation. 
  • Each session will be recorded, documented, and shared with members of the cohort
  • A digital DRG LX Certification Badge to share on LinkedIn or other professional profiles
  • Exclusive discounts on all DRG products and services, including digital products, consulting, and conferences

*This is a tentative outline for conversations included in this cohort. Final topics and discussions will be informed by the members of the cohort and will be finalized based on member feedback.



A year-long membership in The LX is $1,000 and one of the best investments you can make in your future — both personally, and for your organization. At just $100 per hour, you'll receive 10 hours of personalized leadership training and 12 months of support from our team of innovative leaders. Plus, you’ll build a strong network of peers committed to strategic donor relations. 

Four scholarships will be available to members who are willing to document their LX experience and create a write-up to share with the entire cohort. This includes comprehensive note taking during all sessions. 


All cohort members must meet the following requirements:

  • Currently have a Director level or above position, or 7+ years of experience in donor relations

  • Complete the LX application by June 1

  • Agree to contribute materials to the cohort (examples of policies, procedures, communications pieces, hosted talk, etc.)

  • Scholarship recipients (we will choose 4) must agree to document their entire cohort experience to share with all members

Application Process:

  • Applications will be accepted from May 12, 2022—June 1, 2022.

  • The cohort facilitators will select 20 participants —including 4 scholarship recipients—and inform all applicants of their decision by June 15, 2022. The cohort will begin on August 1, 2022 and continue through August 1, 2023. 



Lynne Wester

Principal and Founder

The DRG Group

Helmer, Matthew_2019.jpg

Matthew Helmer

Consultant & Strategist
at The DRG Group


Assistant Vice President and Chief Communications Officer for University Advancement

Colorado State University

S. Sims Headshot.jpg

Sarah Sims, CFRE

Consultant & Strategist
at The DRG Group


Executive Director of Donor Engagement​

University of Houston

Angie joens headshot_edited.jpg

Angie Joens

Consultant & Strategist at The DRG Group

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Development Outreach

University of California Davis

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