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2022 Pulse of
Donor Relations Survey

The Pulse of Donor Relations is the only study of its kind that examines trends and best practices in donor relations. This report helps us identify new and fading trends in our industry and provides a source for benchmarking across the profession. 

We are currently analyzing results from our 2023 Pulse of Donor Relations Survey.
Check back soon for the updated report.

This survey is constantly evolving to capture changes as they are happening. The 2022 report includes new questions related to DEI and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Special thanks to the 900 participants of the 2021 survey for helping us create this report. You are the reason we do this, and we cannot do it without you!

I hope you enjoy the latest Pulse of Donor Relations and use it as a resource to create new strategies and move forward in your work. 

Survey categories include:

  • Organization, department, and role details

  • Acknowledgments

  • Recognition

  • Reporting

  • Events

  • Engagement

Screenshots of the 2022 Pulse of Donor Relations survey results, a collection of feedback put together by The DRG Group.
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