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Outsourcing Operations

Do you need an extra set of hands—or a whole team for that matter? 
Our team is trained, experienced, and ready to step in and help wherever you need it most.


Effective leadership is a constant juggling act of supporting your team, envisioning the future, and charting a path to get there, but too often it’s impossible to see the forest from the trees in the never-ending push to get things done. And these days, unusually long lead times and shallow talent pools to fill many positions mean that too many leaders are mired in the weeds of unaccomplished task lists.

Let us help! Our team of professionals brings decades of experience in all areas of donor relations work – from writing acknowledgments to pulling reports to managing recognition programs.

What to Expect from DRG's Outsourced Operations Service

Whether you’re looking to temporarily backfill or keep things moving while you reconfigure your program, our team can customize an outsourced operations solution tailored to your needs. Some examples of continuation work with which we’ve partnered with clients to accomplish include:

  • Acknowledgments

  • Endowment Reporting

  • Impact Reporting

  • Data Management and Reports

  • Donor Communications

  • Donor Recognition

  • Event Design

  • Gift Agreement Services

  • Metrics Management and Analysis

  • Staff Management


Partnering with you, we’ll design a solution that keeps the workflow moving, meets your performance objectives and allows you to focus on the strategic functions that propel your team and organization forward.


Reach out to our team learn more about our outsourcing solutions.

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