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Donor Surveys

Knowledge is power, and knowledge of our donors, their preferences and their experiences is expected and mutually beneficial.


When donors feel connected to your organization, they desire opportunities to share more than monetary gifts – they also appreciate being asked for their opinions and ideas. And direct feedback from your target audiences is an engaging, cost-effective method to illuminate aspects of existing initiatives that are working and aid in the strategic design of new efforts to better meet your donors’ needs.

What to Expect with a DRG Donor Survey Package

At DRG, we understand your organization is unique and faces specific challenges and opportunities. In partnership, we’ll design a survey that will enhance your donor relations program using real-time data and feedback from your constituents. 

Our customizable donor survey package includes:

  • Creation and modification of survey questions

  • Creation of survey tool in chosen platform or distribution method

  • Assistance with survey distribution and collection

  • Assistance in the development of internal and external communication plans to launch, encourage participation, and close survey collection time periods

  • Analysis of constituent feedback to reveal themes and develop recommendations

  • Facilitation of follow-up focus groups dependent on data acquisition and empirical facts that require further investigation

  • A final report including actionable recommendations and next steps for strategy development


Our entire process is collaborative to ensure your team is ready to act on findings and trained to conduct future survey efforts on your own, ensuring knowledge of your donors stays current. 


Reach out to our team today to explore ways our donor surveys can help elevate your organization’s donor relations practice.

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