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Fund Audits

Honoring donor intent and comprehensive stewardship of funds is at the core of the work we do. In order to accomplish these goals, organizations must also be cognizant of the funds they manage. 


Completing regular fund audit activity is essential to an organization’s ability to steward and proactively manage the donor gifts in which it has been entrusted. Through our comprehensive fund audit process, DRG looks at funds and management trends from a compliance and donor relations perspective to identify shortcomings that may negatively affect current and future fundraising efforts. This may include scenarios where funds are not awarded to maximum capacity, in accordance with donor intent, or where the original fund purpose has become dated and ineffectual for your organization. 

Our team at DRG has helped numerous organizations to assess fund criteria and financial activity that has resulted in flagging thousands of funds with untapped potential, representing millions of dollars of budgetary impact. We can do this for you, too!

What to Expect with a DRG Fund Audit

By partnering with the DRG Group, you will ensure a thorough, donor-centric review of your funds that is customized to your individual needs and goals. Our dedicated team members complete the work in a timely and efficient manner, thus extending the capacity of your existing staff and ensuring this important work does not detract from other priorities. The DRG team will review all funds provided by your organization for legal and financial compliance, assessing the practicality of awarding your funds and ensuring funds are spent to maximum capacity and in accordance with donor intent. At the end of this process, you will receive detailed findings, immediately actionable steps, and a clear roadmap to help you tackle fund clean-up, training, and utilization initiatives.


A strong donor relations program that includes well-managed fund accounts is a vital component of overall donor engagement and provides the baseline for ongoing conversations and credibility with your donors. And our customizable fund audit process enables you to ensure your most trusted asset ­– donor funds – are positively supporting your organization’s beneficiaries to the utmost extent possible.


Reach out to our team to discuss your organization’s needs and further explore our fund audit packages.

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