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Angela Joens

Consultant and Strategist

Consultant and Strategist
The Donor Relations Group

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Development Outreach

University of California Davis


  • Fundraising and Donor Relations

  • Leadership and Management

  • Team Building and Coaching

  • Talent Management

  • Campaign Planning

  • Event Planning

  • Strategic Planning

  • Donor Motivations

  • Donor Experience

  • Volunteer Management

  • Creating Recognition Societies

Angela Joens has gained extensive management, development and stewardship experience during her professional career.  Currently, she is the Assistant Vice Chancellor of Development Outreach for the University of California Davis and in this role supervises the annual giving, donor relations, research and prospect management, proposal services, marketing and communications, and development recruitment for the Office of Development. 

Prior to her work with UC Davis, Joens was Vice President of Development Operations for the Mercy Medical Center Foundation in Des Moines, Iowa.  She also served as the Senior Director of Donor Relations for the Iowa State University Foundation and worked for RuffaloCODY a for-profit company that assists the non-profit industry with fundraising.  She began her career as a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.

Joens is also a non-profit consultant, an executive coach, and speaks nationally on topics related to stewardship, development and leadership.  She has been featured in several industry publications including CASE Currents Magazine and the Chronicle of Philanthropy.  Joens earned her BA from the University of Iowa, her MPA from Iowa State University, and her Executive Coaching Certificate from UC Davis.  She is a proud volunteer for the Association of Donor Relations Professionals (ADRP) and the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE).​

Presentation Topics

Angie is available to present or lead conversations on the following topics: 

Tomorrow's Leaders: Becoming One and Nurturing Others

Where will tomorrow's leaders come from? Our leaders are retiring in droves and looking for the next generation to step up and lead.  Are we ready?  Are we positioned?  Do we have the skills we need to serve in these executive positions?  During this session we will discuss what is takes to be a leader and how to nurture leaders of tomorrow. 

What Everyone Should Know About Managing Up

Managing up is a method of career development that is based on consciously working for the mutual benefit of you, your boss and your organization. During this session we will share tips to help you both understand your boss and make yourself known as a stellar employee by exceeding his/her expectations and needs.

Campaign Stewardship:  Be Prepared

Whether you are planning a campaign, in a campaign or wrapping one up – stewardship is an important element.  Have you led the discussion about how you will steward your donors during and after the campaign? Do you have the systems, structures, program, policies in place?  During this session we will cover these topics and share ideas about how to cultivate and engage donors during a campaign, and how to celebrate campaign milestones. 

If You Build it They Will Join!

Giving Societies – we all have them – but are they still effective? During this session we will discuss both when and how to evaluate your giving societies.  We will also share case studies, research, donor insight, and other tips to retool your own clubs. 

Working Effectively with
Campus Partners

We get by with a little (or a lot) help from our friends!  It’s true – if it were not for the assistance of our on-campus and off-campus partners planning and executing our events would be really difficult.  During this interactive session we will discuss how to build, engage and maintain these important partnerships.  Come prepared to share some of your success stories as well as any challenges you are facing.

How to Measure Value of Your Donor Relations Team

Stewardship and donor relations practitioners know their work – internally and with donors – is both an integral and strategic component of the overall gift cycle. But how to convey that impact in metrics and language fundraisers will appreciate can be a challenge.

How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying

Business planning is important.  During this session we will discuss how to create a plan and use it to demonstrate your progress and success to your leadership. No matter the size of your shop, scope of your work, or type of organization, developing a business plan will help you manage your work each year.  

Constructing a Strong Donor Relations Program

Every building begins with a plan and a strong foundation.  If the foundation is solid anything can be built on top of it.  Think of your donor relation program in the same way.  At this session we will review the four pillars of a well-built donor relations program.

Creating Events Donors Want to Attend

Donors come in every shape and size as do the events they will find meaningful.  In this session we will discuss how events can be a powerful stewardship and cultivation tool.  

Donor Appreciation – Experiences They Will Never Forget

Most donors can buy those gift premiums and other trinkets for themselves.  Give them something they CAN’T buy:  ACCESS, INFORMATION and EXPERIENCES that only your organization can offer.  During this session, we will explore how volunteers, staff, students and clients can engage contributor for long-term, meaningful engagement with your cause.

Volunteers – Friend or Foe? 

Our volunteers can be great champions!  They can open doors!  They even pick up the tab!  But involving them and managing them take time and effort.  During this interactive session we will show you how getting your volunteer involved is a fantastic stewardship opportunity and discus how to fully utilize your volunteers in ways that are mutually beneficial. 

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