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Liz Menne



The Donor Relations Group

ODDER Manager


Liz has built her career around supporter/customer experience to help cultivate loyalty and generate revenue. She started at the University of Miami, her alma mater, as a customer service representative and has been crushing projects ever since. She is currently the ODDER Manager at EverTrue/Thankview, holds her PMP Certification, and an associate helping clients at the DRG Group. 


Liz’s career has taken her all over the Southern U.S., working with teams to make the mundane engaging while creating efficiencies so the critical goals get the time they deserve. She has led ventures involving reporting, renewals/reminders, software implementation, events, agreements, and more. She was even named Rookie of the Year for her software implementation and report process building.


Liz volunteers with ADRP and her local PMI chapter. She is an avid reader, enjoys a good cup of coffee, especially with others, and spending time with her husband. 

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