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Madelyn Jones



The Donor Relations Group

Areas of Expertise

  • Communication strategy

  • Copywriting

  • Solicitations

  • Gift agreements

  • Data analysis (Excel lover)

  • Donor engagement

  • Division restructuring

  • Internal process improvement

  • Fund auditing

  • CRM/Workflow Integration

Madelyn Jones began her career with the successful launch of an e-retail business, spearheading their marketing, copywriting, and web design. With that accomplishment under her belt, she found herself doing press releases, conference planning, and event logistics for an investment bank.

As Director of Donor Relations at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Jones built a comprehensive stewardship plan, standardized gift agreements, and launched recognition societies. Unofficially, she was dubbed the Nancy Drew of Fund Auditing. Officially, she was awarded the Sheryl A. Blair Scholarship by ADRP, a CASE Conference scholarship, as well as a Gold Medal CASE Excellence Award for Advancement Services.

You may have caught Jones hosting webinars or speaking at conferences. She has also volunteered her time and talents to curating content for ADRP, coaching speakers, or writing for industry publications.

When a cross-country move necessitated leaving her dream job, she pivoted to consulting and copywriting. She enjoys helping hospitals, universities, child and family nonprofits, as well as religious organizations fulfill their philanthropic mission.

With the DRG Group, she has written a #GivingTuesday campaign including solicitations, social media posts, targeted texts/emails, custom acknowledgments, volunteer toolkits and video scripts.

A lesser known bit of trivia about Jones is that she is also an accomplished musician. (Karaoke anyone?) Her 25+ years of songwriting experience has made occasional cameos in her fundraising work via jingles and poems. But the greatest takeaway from her musical background is her ability to capture readers in her communications.

As a textbook Enneagram One (with a Three wing), Jones may be described as a reformer, visionary, activist, and achiever. She shares that the phrase "we've always done it this way" is enough to induce heart palpitations. You can trust that she will embrace the challenge of creating sustainable solutions for your team.

Jones earned her BS in Corporate Communications and a concentration in Ethnomusicology from The University of Texas at Austin. She lives in the swampy side of Texas with her husband and three young children.

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