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DRG On Demand:
Proactive Stewardship


This bundle includes the following webinar recordings:

Stewardship and Impact Reporting of Emergency Funds - Presented by Lynne Wester

As we deal with the negative challenges of a world-wide pandemic, we are simultaneously facing a flood of generosity from those looking to make a difference at our organizations during COVID-19. As we roll-out emergency fundraising opportunities and donors answer the call, we must not forget to deliver impact and stewardship reports on those funds both in the short- and long-term. Together we will explore emergency fund stewardship examples and opportunities from a variety of higher education, non-profit, and healthcare organizations. We will address leadership buy-in, report formats, and when and how to send these communications as well as balancing data with storytelling in these critical donor touch points. We must start now! Join us as we can’t waste time delivering impact to those who so generously gave during this challenging time.


Endowment Reporting in Uncertain Financial Scenarios - Presented by Lynne Wester

Now that you’ve figured out how to work remotely, mastered video conferencing, and generally have things in hand, let’s talk about the next great challenge - reporting to donors during times of great financial uncertainty. Our FY20 endowments reports are likely going to be full of challenging stories to tell. Join us as we will explore how we can prepare our internal audiences to assist us through this process, tactics to help convey challenging messages, and ensure continuity in fund impact. Capitalizing on the lessons learned from the 2008/2009 economic downturn, resulting UPMIFA regulations, and other real-life scenarios, let’s explore what steps you need to take NOW to ease the process and improve the end result.

Strategic Stewardship to Retain High Risk Donor Populations - Presented by Sarah Sims and Lynne Wester

Learn how you can apply strategy to your donor relations efforts that will positively affect donor retention rates as well as steward some of our more “at risk” donor populations. This is more important than ever as our industry sees declines in overall giving, staff and resources may be limited, and we must tie our donor relations efforts directly to the fundraising bottom line. We will explore strategies to explore retention in key populations, segmentation and messaging best practices, and shifting the organizational culture to a donor-centered retention mindset.


There are many external factors that can create difficult circumstances for your nonprofit—like recessions, natural disasters, and global pandemics. Preparing for these situations and properly stewarding your donors when they arise is crucial to your organizations fundraising success. These 3 previously recorded focus on strategies and best practices for stewarding donors during uncertain times. The entire bundle is just $125 and can be shared with your whole organization.

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