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DRG On Demand: Tactics

This bundle includes the following webinar recordings:

What Everyone Should Know About Managing Up - Presented by Angie Joens 

Managing up is a method of career development that is based on consciously working for the mutual benefit of you, your boss and your organization. During this session we will share tips to help you both understand your boss and make yourself known as a stellar employee by exceeding his/her expectations and needs.

How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying: A Business Planning Webinar - Presented by Angie Joens

In the Broadway musical, J. Pierrepont Finch rose from window washer to chairman of the board based on what he learned from a book. We can’t promise the same, but this webinar will discuss why business planning is important, how to create a plan, and use it to demonstrate your progress and success to your leadership. No matter the size of your shop, scope of your work, or type of organization, developing a business plan will help you manage your work each year.

Five-Star Rating: Donor Relations Metrics to Drive Your Strategy - Presented by Matthew Helmer

Mastering tiramisu and developing metrics for your Donor Relations program have one thing in common – they are both notoriously difficult. But with thoughtfulness, patience, and the proper roadmap, both are attainable (and will bring you great happiness). In this webinar we will break it down so that you will leave knowing what to track, where to get the information, how to assess the ROI, and who you need to engage in the process. We will look at organizational case studies demonstrating how metric-driven strategy has positively impacted the fundraising bottom line. Earn yourself a five-star rating when you develop your own successful metrics program.

Strengthening Your Strategic Muscles: Elevating Your Approach from Tactics to Strategy - Presented by Lynne Wester

There are many differences between a strategy and a tactic. In short, strategy describes the destination and how you are going to get there. Tactics describe the specific actions you are going to take along the way. During this webinar we will explore why this distinction is important, how it affects your donor relations work, and actionable steps you can take to elevate your initiatives from tactical to strategic. Many donor relations professionals spend too much time on to-do lists and tactic-based approaches. By strengthening your strategic approach, you are positioning your work as value-add to your organization – creating visibility and leadership buy-in. Join us to find out how to change your mindset and get ahead of the curve.

Taste Testing: Donor Surveys to Gauge the Sweet Spot - Presented by Lynne Wester and Angie Joens

Donor satisfaction is the number one driver of donor loyalty. How satisfied are your donors with recognition, engagement, and communication they receive from your organization? What resonates with your donors in their giving experience? What culinary risks can we take with our supporters? Asking key questions and changing our work from being reactive and anecdotally based, to forward-thinking strategy based on solid donor feedback is step one in your long-term success. Join us as we explore best in class surveying practices including identifying the right questions, attaining organizational buy-in, and turning your survey results into actionable strategy. Let’s ensure your efforts are hitting your donors’ sweet spot.  

The Online Giving Experience - the Good, the Bad, the Ugly - Presented by Lynne Wester

Have you given recently to your favorite non-profit and truly evaluated your giving experience? If not, you should. What resonates with you? What makes you cringe? We may spend our days tied up in a myriad of organizational priorities, but taking the time to evaluate and improve your donor’s giving experience will pay mighty dividends in the end. It’s often the first experience your donor has with your organization and is a primary factor in whether or not they will return. Studies have shown that a well-optimized donation page can help you convert visitors into donors and casual donors into loyal, repeat donors. Many institutions have giving page conversion rates below 20%, some even less than 10% (do you know your conversion rate?). After participating in this session, you will understand how to avoid common pitfalls and optimize your online giving site to retain donors and increase giving.


These 6 previously recorded webinars cover our more out-of-the-box topics—the important stuff that doesn't necessarily fit directly into the 4 Pillars of Donor Relations. Check out the descriptions below and you'll see what we mean! This is the need-to-know information that will help you improve your strategies and tactics and create a more successful donor relations program at your organization. The entire bundle is just $250 and can be shared with your whole organization.

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