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Team StrengthsFinder Workshop


A Strengthsfinder® assessment helps you discover and make the most of your team's natural talent. 

This team workshop will help your team members better understand and appreciate one another through the lens of strengths. As a result, your team will be  better equipped to form strategic partnerships, build trust, improve communication, engage in healthy conflict, and maximize the inherent talent of each team member.

A facilitated workshop is an excellent launch for a new team or a team-building boost for an existing team. Individuals leave ready to claim the best of what they offer, put egos and personal agendas aside, and work together efficiently and effectively.

What to Expect from DRG's Team StrengthsFinder Workshop

At DRG, we know that high-performing teams understand each team member's strengths and learn quickly how to work together. Learning the Talent Themes and unique strengths of each team member ​sets your team up to do what they do best—and puts them in a position to do that daily. 

We offer half-day and full-day workshops.

Workshop Overview:

  • Gallup StrengthsFinder online pre-assessment

  • Personalized strengths profile for each participant

  • Supplemental workshop materials

  • Gallup-certified expert facilitation

  • Interactive, participatory, fast-paced, fun

  • Gallup’s best break-out activities, team conversations

  • Customized team and department strengths map

  • Follow-up materials with team and manager resources

  • Developed using case studies and examples for higher education and philanthropy

After the workshop, individual participants should be able to:

  • Articulate their top five strengths

  • Explain their dominant talents

  • Put their talents to use in the workplace and at home

  • Appreciate and leverage the strengths of others

  • Recognize a team’s assets and deficits

Key takeaways for teams include: 

  • Functional partnerships that decrease friction boost performance and maximize productivity.

  • Increased morale, engagement, confidence, and retention among your team members.

  • Communication, collaboration, and conflict resolution that will change the culture of your organization.

  • Greater awareness and empowerment over natural strengths and how they can better contribute at work.

  • Improved management: Managers will have more tactical knowledge on managing, motivating, and developing their individual contributors and teams.

The specific deliverables for a StrengthsFinder team workshop can vary depending on the goals and objectives of the workshop, but here are some typical deliverables you might expect:

  1. Individual Strengths Reports: Participants should receive personalized reports detailing their top StrengthsFinder talent themes. These reports provide insights into their unique strengths and talents.

  2. Team Strengths Profiles: A collective report summarizing the entire team's strengths, highlighting areas of overlap and diversity in strengths.

  3. Strengths-Based Action Plans: Participants should leave the workshop with actionable plans for leveraging their strengths in their roles and responsibilities.

  4. Improved Team Dynamics: Ideally, the workshop should result in improved team cohesion and understanding, which can be measured through surveys or assessments before and after the workshop.

  5. Customized Development Resources: Depending on the organization's resources, participants might receive access to additional materials or resources related to their specific strengths for ongoing development.

  6. Communication Strategies: Participants should gain insights into effectively communicating with team members based on their strengths, leading to better collaboration and understanding.

  7. Enhanced Leadership Skills: Participants might have specific leadership action plans and resources tailored to their strengths if the workshop includes leadership development.

  8. Follow-Up and Support: Post-workshop support, such as coaching or follow-up sessions, can be a valuable deliverable to ensure that participants continue to apply their strengths effectively.

  9. Metrics and Evaluation: Depending on the workshop's goals, you might measure success through key performance indicators related to team performance, engagement, or other relevant metrics.

  10. Documentation: A comprehensive report summarizing the workshop's activities, discussions, and outcomes can serve as a reference for participants and stakeholders.


Customizing the deliverables to align with the specific goals and needs of your team and organization undergoing the StrengthsFinder workshop is essential. These deliverables should help participants apply their strengths to achieve better results in their work and improve team dynamics.

Reach out to our team to see how we can help your team achieve their greatest potential with our StrengthsFinder Workshop. 

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