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DRG offers professional development on demand for all kinds of nonprofit professionals. Pick up one of Lynne’s books, take an actionable course with your team, download a template to simplify your work, or tune in for a webinar series! Oh—and don’t forget to pick up some fun-draising swag.  

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On-Demand Training

Gather your team for a self-paced crash course with DRG! Work through our signature donor relations training program or take an in-depth course on reporting. Browse previously recorded webinars that span every topic in donor relations, including our best-selling webinar series.

The 4 Pillars of the Donor Experience

Knowledge, strategy, culture, emotion. These are the four key pillars that support rewarding, sustainable fundraising. With this foundation in place, you can cultivate meaningful interactions with your donors and deeply understand why they continue to give.

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Digital Downloads

Stop recreating the wheel! Save time and elevate your work with our digital downloads. Shop for affordable templates like calendars, plans, surveys, and reporting documents.


Prefer learning in a live setting?

We love to gather this community and share our expertise on frequently requested topics, both in person and online. Check out our upcoming conferences, workshops, and live webinars.


Shop DRG Swag

Do donors love you? Let the world know you’re a fundraising rockstar and a proud member of the DRG community.

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