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Working With Beneficiaries
Effortless Efficiency Where Struggle Abounds

A webinar series designed to teach you how to work with beneficiaries to effectively collect and share meaningful information with donors.

Delivering impact to donors is one of our most important responsibilities. However, for many of us, this work can be frustrating, confusing, and demanding for those involved in the process.

Traditional donor and beneficiary interactions can be seen as transactional and impersonal. These practices emphasize formalities over authentic relationships—creating exchanges that lack empathy and respect for the beneficiaries' sense of dignity and well-being, and in some cases, unhealthy power dynamics.

In addition, some beneficiaries may not understand the importance of reporting impact back to donors, and may not prioritize participating in the process. 

It's time for that to change. 


Purchase the entire series for just $200 (a $40 savings!)

The strategies we’re going to teach you emphasize trust, transparency, and mutual respect- aligning with evolving societal values and ethical standards. Nonprofits must nurture relationships and prioritize the donors' and beneficiaries' needs and experiences to foster lasting, meaningful connections.

This series is designed to provide you with transformative strategies to seamlessly and ethically connect your donors to the recipients of their generosity. 

What You Will Learn

You can purchase individual lessons for $60 or the entire series for $200. 

Meet Your Presenters


Lynne Wester

Principal and Founder

Liz Menne


Avery G. Howard


Jan McGuire

Senior Associate

Christine McGuire



Can I buy one registration for my entire team, even if we're all viewing it remotely? 

Yes! Just complete your purchase and you will receive a confirmation email (check your junk mail folder if you don't see it) with a link you can share with your team members that allows them to register for free. Only one purchase is required per organization. 


Are these webinars included in any other webinar series purchase?
No. This series is separate from any other webinar purchases that have been offered. 

Do these webinars count towards my CFRE certification?

This series has been approved for 4 CFRE continuing education points—1 per webinar.

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