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The word “facilitate” means “to make easier”. Let the DRG Group make your job easier through facilitating your next big retreat, strategy development session, or through times of change at your organization. As neutral third-party facilitators, we can focus on the process of getting you across the finish line, while you concentrate on the content and outcomes. Our team members can guide your meeting so you don’t have to, allowing you to fully engage and focus on the dialogue and interaction of your team. Whether the end goal is to reach consensus, make decisions, share information, or to solve problems we can help you do this with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.


Your DRG Group facilitator will use various techniques, methods, and activities designed to achieve the purpose and desired outcomes of your group. This can be done in a meeting or workshop setting customized to your individual needs. This partnership can assist in getting all of your key players aligned around a clear vision and action plan.


Let the DRG Group do the hard work for you. From facilitation and meeting prep to the final report on outcomes, we have you covered.



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