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The Valentine's Day Messages We ❤️ as Donors

By the DRG Group

There's nothing we, at DRG enjoy more than showering donors with swoon-worthy messages on Valentine's Day. After all, it's the day of love and the perfect opportunity to let your donors know how much they mean to you. Here are a few of our favorite messages we received this week:

Feed the Children

Why We ❤️ It: Simply put, they got us right in the feels. Everything from the video with little voices sharing what love means to them, to the message of gratitude and impact within the text—this one definitely had us feeling the love! (Click the photo to see the full message and video.)

Children's Health

Why We ❤️ It: Thankview is our favorite platform for delivering personalized digital content to donors. Why? Because it makes it so easy to create and send meaningful messages! Check out this video from Children's Health. It's a sweet message for donors, and it invites them to send a valentine to patients and healthcare workers to help spread the love.

charity: water

Why We ❤️ It: The team at charity: water never disappoints. Their communications are consistently filled with incredible stories and emotional language—always pulling on the heartstrings of their donors. This email This email is no exception, and it reminds donors what Valentine's Day is all about—love in all of its forms. We also love the stories they feature in From Zimbabwe, With Love celebrating the local partners who make their work possible.

University of Missouri Why We ❤️ It: They had us at the subject line: Grateful for you, 🐯💛🖤! Short, sweet, to the point—and doesn't include an ask! This email is the perfect example of how a simple, thoughtful message can be used to remind your donors that you love them.

Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida Why We ❤️ It: What stood out to us in this message is the donor-focused language. They acknowledge the donor, not the gift. We also love that they included a beneficiary story, and a link to read even more stories of impact! (Click the photo to view the full message.)

Cornell University Why We ❤️ It: Right off the bat, this message is beautifully designed. It's short, personalized, well-written, and includes the added touch of "digital swag" made just for loyal donors.

Best Buddies International

Why We ❤️ It: This is another communication that focuses on love in all of its forms—in this case, friendship. The story of Emma and Maddie is inspiring and does a fantastic job of capturing their love for one another. We also love that the ask at the bottom is not to make a gift, but rather to join the "global movement and help create life-long friendships." How powerful is that?

Covenant House Texas

Why We ❤️ It: If you're going to make an ask on Valentine's Day, this is the way to do it! We loved how this message demonstrates what a "usual Valentine's Day" expense could do for a Covenant House resident. It really makes you think, and it's a great way to help a donor visualize the impact of their gift. We also liked the CTA language—"Share the gift of love" is much more powerful than "Make a gift."

Did your organization send a Valentine's Day message, or did you receive something that made you weak in the knees? We'd love to see it—just send it to


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