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Surprise, delight, and achieve your business goals. A purpose-driven and well-planned event can accomplish all of these things. But with overtaxed staff, limited budgets, and traditional approaches, events can be a challenging component of our fundraising work. Bringing in a consultant can assist you in ideating and executing your event with a keen eye to creativity, efficiency, and ROI. We can help you identify your key business goals, develop an event concept to reinforce that purpose, and execute with the donor experience at the heart of it all. Whether you need a small intimate impact event, or a comprehensive campaign launch, we will help you conceive interactive event experiences that communicate your core messages meaningfully and stay in the hearts and minds of your donors long after the event has ended.


We also offer hands-on training for your team and other fundraising staff members to help your organization sustain its delivery of impeccable events.


Our role is fully customizable based on your organization’s individual needs and goals. No two events are the same, and we treat every client and donor experience individually. Event services we offer include:

  • Event concepting, ideation, and strategy development to meet your goals

  • Advice and support during all planning phases of your event

  • Operational guidance and oversight as needed

  • Project budget management, procurement, and stakeholder management

  • Assistance in event branding, collateral, and visual identity

  • Event execution and on-sight day-of support

  • Post-event evaluation, ROI assessment, and attendee/goal metrics reporting

  • Onsite assessment of current events and the donor experience

  • Professional training for your staff


Many of the above services are available a la carte and some may be delivered remotely to enhance affordability.


We have concepted and executed innovative events across the country – contact us to see how DRG can inspire your audience!


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