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DRG On Demand: Impact

This bundle includes the following webinar recordings:

Crafting a Story that Inspires - Presented by Lynne Wester

We all know about the power of a good story in fundraising, but why are they so powerful? What is it about the human brain and how it works that makes a story so critical to the decision-making process? In this webinar you will learn about structuring and crafting your stories to create more engaging and emotionally compelling stories that will grab your donors and supporters. You'll also learn how to find stories and create compelling characters that your donors will fall in love with and want to support. Join us as we learn the fine art of creating compelling stories that forward the mission of your organization.

Look What We Did! Broad-Based Donor Impact Reporting - Presented by Matthew Helmer

Study after study shows us donors want information that demonstrates the return on their investment – an expectation held by more than just top tier donors who’ve established endowments. In this webinar, we’ll explore creative ways to capture and share donor impact on your organization’s broad-based initiatives. From the annual fund to crowdfunding projects, showcasing collective impact is a powerful way to illustrate the positive change created through partnerships with your donor community.

The Endowment Reporting Paradigm - Presented by Sarah Sims

While a critical component of solid donor relations programs, endowment reporting requires significant investments of time and manpower, often detracting resources from other more meaningful donor communications. Join us as we explore how to strike a fine balance between personalization and efficiency in the reporting process. From process mechanics to stellar examples from around the country, we will explore what it takes to modernize your reporting while still meeting donor expectations and saving you valuable time and resources.

Taming the Beast: Tiering Your Endowment Reports to Slay Inefficiency - Presented by Sarah Sims

Endowment reporting can become a beast. It often becomes an all-consuming task that sucks time, resources and ROI from your team. As organizational endowments grow and the number of funds, complexity of agreements, and demand for impact reporting increase exponentially, your donor relations and stewardship teams must develop creative and efficient ways to slay to the beast. Join us as we explore how to evaluate your endowment reporting process and develop tiering mechanisms to ensure you are putting your resources where they matter….and your donor remains the knight in shining armor.

Sweet on You: Writing for Gratitude and Impact - Presented by Angie Joens

Baking is an art form – it requires patience, thoughtfulness, exactness, all balanced with a heaping spoonful of love. Likewise, communicating with our donors in a personal and inspiring manner requires the same attributes. Crafting effective content requires a fine balance of fact, impact, and emotion. Join us as we explore tips and tricks for personalized and creative donor communications and samples from across the country. Let’s show our donors just how sweet they are.

Slicing the Pie: Priority Impact Reports & Design Tools - Presented by Jan McGuire and Tyler Wessel

One (giant) piece of the donor relations pie is tackling impact reporting. It’s a make or break component of the donor relationship. But given all of our competing priorities, it’s hard to know where to start, what to prioritize, and how to effectively meet increasing demand. Join us as we explore the most critical impact reports your shop should be producing, scaling these efforts, and even some design and template tips and tricks. We will explore impact reporting that doesn’t break you, or the bank.

Mid-Level and Unrestricted Impact Reporting - Presented by Lynne Wester

One things for sure, every donor wants to know they’ve made a difference. One of the great aspects of our work is that we have the privilege to deliver impact and tell inspiring stories! Whether it be through a video from a beneficiary or a written report, our job is to provide an opportunity for donors to see, feel, hear and fully understand their impact. Together, we will explore impact reporting for the donors who need it the most: those without named funds and those who currently give to operations and unrestricted funding. Demonstrating your organization has been transformed by their giving is a hallmark of a good program. This webinar will cover ways to organize information, efficiently repurpose content, and scale reporting from the base of the pyramid on up.

Stewardship and Impact Reporting of Emergency Funds - Presented by Lynne Wester

As we deal with the negative challenges of a world-wide pandemic, we are simultaneously facing a flood of generosity from those looking to make a difference at our organizations during COVID-19. As we roll-out emergency fundraising opportunities and donors answer the call, we must not forget to deliver impact and stewardship reports on those funds both in the short- and long-term. Together we will explore emergency fund stewardship examples and opportunities from a variety of higher education, non-profit, and healthcare organizations. We will address leadership buy-in, report formats, and when and how to send these communications as well as balancing data with storytelling in these critical donor touch points. We must start now! Join us as we can’t waste time delivering impact to those who so generously gave during this challenging time.

Endowment and impact reporting is one of the most critical pieces of stewarding donors and inspiring them to continue giving generously. These 8 previously recorded webinars will teach you how to create beautiful, powerful reports that do exactly that. Each session is an hour long and taught by one of our experts. The entire bundle is just $325 and can be shared with your whole organization. 

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