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DRG On Demand: Stewardship

This bundle includes the following webinar recordings:

The Endowment Reporting Paradigm - Presented by Sarah Sims

While a critical component of solid donor relations programs, endowment reporting requires significant investments of time and manpower, often detracting resources from other more meaningful donor communications. Join us as we explore how to strike a fine balance between personalization and efficiency in the reporting process. From process mechanics to stellar examples from around the country, we will explore what it takes to modernize your reporting while still meeting donor expectations and saving you valuable time and resources.


Fund Stewardship: The Alpha and Omega of Donor Relations - Presented by Sarah Sims

It is the first thing your donor will encounter at your organization, and it is often the last factor that will determine if a donor gives again. We know it, and we say it every day – you can’t ask a donor for more money if you don’t steward the funds you already have. We can have beautiful events, polished communications, touching videos….but it all means nothing if we don’t steward our donor directed funds in a careful, thoughtful, and donor-centric manner. But you may be asking how? What do I need to look for? Who do I partner with? Join us as we explore the multifaceted components of fund stewardship and compliance, meaningful reporting, and the role that Donor Relations professionals must play in this arena.

Gift Agreements and Acceptance: The Core Tenants of Sustainable Stewardship - Presented by Lynne Wester 

Our future fundraising and stewardship success depends on our ability to craft the ultimate gift agreement now. Let’s explore some of the most common questions and challenges in this space including why gift agreements are necessary, approval processes, best practice elements, documenting special cases, and ensuring compliance in spending. We will share ideas and best practices for creating fund agreements that work over time and provide guidance on how to influence fund purpose and the organizational acceptance policy.

The ABC's of Fund Auditing - Presented by Lynne Wester and Sarah Sims

It’s not sexy or glamorous or even fun most days. But fund stewardship is the building blocks on which all of donor relations is built. If we don’t administer, award, and steward our funds correctly, we might as well get out of the sandbox all together. The process can be overwhelming though and knowing where and how to start a comprehensive fund audit can be the toughest step. In this webinar, Lynne and Sarah will break it down and guide you through the process, sample timelines, pitfalls to avoid, and policy/governance changes to implement going forward. It may not be pretty, but fund auditing is time well spent!

Kitchen Fundamentals: Gift Agreements that Set You Up for Success - Presented by Jan McGuire

Successful donor relations and baking all begin in the same place…the kitchen. Without an organized, thoughtful, prepared kitchen, your culinary efforts are for not. The same applies to successful fundraising shops – with clear expectations and effective giving tools that begin before the ask is even made, we create a framework that allows our organizations to administer donor funds correctly and to maximum capacity. In this session, learn the core tenants of effective donor acceptance, gift agreements, and crafting fund purposes that will set your shop up for success. We will explore gift agreement dos and don'ts, emerging trends in the industry, and learn what is needed to get our kitchens in order.

Ingredients Matter: Fund Stewardship that Will Maximize Impact - Presented by Sarah Sims

We all know you should invest in quality ingredients when creating a sweet masterpiece. The ingredients will make or break your success. Ensuring that you have the best policies and procedures in place to make sure your organization fully maximizes donor funds will likewise impact your success. As we all know, you can't ask a donor for more money if you don't steward the funds you already have. Join us as we explore how to steward our donor directed funds in a careful, thoughtful, and donor-centric manner. (And how to fix those problem funds!) 

Stewardship is one of the 4 Pillars of Donor Relations and a key component to turning generous donors in to lifelong supporters. These 6 previously recorded webinars will share tips, tricks, and best practices for properly stewarding your donors. The entire bundle is just $250 and can be shared with your whole organization. 

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