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These are a few of my favorite things…An Homage

These are a few of my favorite things…

With apologies to Julie Andrews and in homage to The Sound of Music, here’s a tribute to some of my favorite Donor Relations things:

Big 3-D images and clear envelopes on invites

Imprinted worry stones and customized stamps

Exploding champagne bottles and cheap plaques

These are a few of my favorite things…

ThankView videos and Uviaus greeting cards

Parkers Crazy Cookies and Adobe Spark

Wunderlist and wireless name tag printers

Summer and the living is easy, so here are some ideas to make your work easier or add a little fun to your stewardship efforts. Big 3D produces lenticular prints, what I used to call holographic images. They will take two images and mash them together—perfect for an invitation or other print pieces, and it’s surprisingly affordable. Have an invitation that’s too pretty to hide in a plain white envelope? Use a clear envelope to send out a mailing people can’t wait to open! Want more pop? Zazzle will print US Post Office approved stamps using your image. Look for periodic discount codes that will waive set-up fees.

Do you have a dedication coming up? What’s better than an exploding confetti-filled champagne bottle? (Is there anything that Amazon doesn’t carry?) Parkers Crazy Cookies will immortalize your donor in edible form. Worried about calories? Hand out custom worry stones—the price drops dramatically for bulk orders from LoveRocksInc. And to commemorate it all, inexpensive plaques that ship in 48 hours or less from

Never handwrite a nametag again! Cannon manufactures inexpensive wireless label (nametag printers) with template options to add your institutions logo or other graphics. Do you lack an in-house communications team? Adobe Spark to the rescue with templates for newsletters, videos, and web. Once you have your video, Uviaus can embed it in card-form to mail out or deliver by hand. ThankView can help produce customized videos to let your donors hear—and see!—the impact of their philanthropy.


Thanks to Mary Solomons for this fabulous themed post! What are your favorite things?




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