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Whether stuck in a rut or launching a $B+ campaign, we can assist you in all of your strategic planning needs. This can include developing robust business plans, goals, measurements, and key metrics in order to propel your organization forward. With sustainability and resources at the core, we can help you align your team or organization on a progressive track headed for great dividends. 


Strategic planning isn’t for the faint of heart, but we will assist you in every step of the process and act as a facilitator to ensure the client’s short and long-term goals are met and exceeded. By tackling strategy development in the following four stages, we can ensure that you and your organization have the resources you need from beginning to end.




Our methodology helps an organization identify its business weakness, or untapped opportunities, and crafts a strategic plan to solve these problems through effective solutions. When working with our clients, we consider the following issues:

  • Establishing a clearly defined strategic direction

  • Developing a plan that is actionable and reasonable given the organization’s infrastructure

  • Attaining organizational and key stakeholder buy-in

  • Developing accompanying budget and staff recommendations

  • Setting specific, measurable outcomes and methods to track progress and impact


Whether you need assistance with a simple strategy review, or development of a full-blown comprehensive strategy, the DRG Group has the experience and flexibility to help you design an approach that will win the hearts of both your leaders and your donors.





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