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Events have long been a centerpiece of Donor Relations for organizations of every shape and size. Yet, since the pandemic began in 2020, the events landscape has looked anything but typical for all of us—and many of those changes are here to stay. Online and hybrid experiences have become a staple for many organizations and audiences expect a diverse mix of offerings. Still, from planning ahead to storytelling to measuring impact, some fundamentals remain essential to crafting a solid events strategy. Successfully blending it all together requires us to rethink our approach and, in some cases, toss our outdated assumptions of how to make event magic happen. 

In this four-part webinar series, we’ll cover the 4 keys to creating meaningful event experiences—whether in-person, online, or hybrid. We'll revisit the basics and showcase best new practices you can implement in your shop. Through real-life examples and practical takeaways, we'll explore the tools and tips to strengthen connections with your audiences regardless of format and budget. In the end, you’ll be equipped to modernize your donor experience through successful events of all types.


Purchase the entire series for just $200 (a $40 savings!)

Session 1: Crafting the Framework

Recording Now Available | $60

Regardless of format, the most successful experiences start with one key ingredient: a clear and meaningful purpose. Are we seeking to recognize current donors? Inspire future gifts? Launch a campaign? Identifying the WHY of an event is the most fundamental task, as it drives the rest of your event plan. In this opening session, we’ll explore questions to help identify your event’s purpose and discuss how it informs the infrastructure—from audience to budget, and from format to timeline. We’ll also cover helpful tips for keeping your event on track, from sample checklists to effective event communications.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to determine your event’s purpose

  • Explore ways to leverage purpose for key event decision points, including budget, audience and format

  • Take actionable steps to strengthen your event plan, including sample checklists and effective communications

Session 2: Telling the Story

Recording Now Available | $60

It's a universal truth that transcends event format—compelling stories are the difference-maker between a meaningful experience and just another drab event. The story is at the heart of everything. Too often, though, our most impactful stories are obscured by organizational messages and unnecessary layers of programming. In this webinar, we’ll discuss proven strategies for identifying the perfect message and messengers for events and dive into tactics for bringing those stories to life in various formats. From immersive environments to powerful online content, we’ll explore storytelling techniques you can use to stir the heartstrings and capture the imagination of audiences everywhere.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Examine strategies for identifying compelling messages and messengers for events in any format

  • Explore approaches for incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) into event programming

  • Learn storytelling techniques to create powerful programs for any audience

Session 3: Lights, Camera, Action

Recording Now Available | $60

Effective planning is essential to successful events and there’s no feeling quite like the moment it all comes together with our audience. For showrunners of modern-day events, there are a whole host of new considerations to ensure a memorable experience for the audience. In this session, we’ll explore bringing the experience to life for in-person, online, and hybrid audiences while utilizing best practices that minimize your event planner stress and maximize your wow-factor. Plus, we’ll be joined by our colleagues at Wired Production Group for a look at the pitfalls and peaks of online and hybrid experiences—lessons you can leverage to make the most of upcoming events.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Explore updated best practices in managing in-person, online, and hybrid event experiences

  • Gather tips from a professional production company on maximizing impact with online and hybrid events

  • Learn to repurpose content for different platforms and audiences

Session 4: Measuring Impact

Recording Now Available | $60

If an event happens on a Saturday and there are no measurable outcomes by Tuesday, did it really happen? Successful event experiences require more than a meaningful purpose, powerful storytelling, and flawless planning and execution—because none of it matters without effective follow up. In the final webinar of the series, we’ll explore proven strategies for measuring success of events in any format, including survey tips and tools, must-have reports, and the anatomy of a perfect debrief. We’ll discuss metrics that matter and how to use these to determine not only the return on engagement (ROE) of your current efforts, but also how to leverage the data to make strategic choices about future events.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn tactics for measuring the success of events—in-person, online and hybrid

  • Gain best practices in effective follow up, including surveys and reports

  • Explore ways to apply learnings to your strategy for future events


Can I buy one registration for my entire team, even if we're all viewing it remotely? 

Yes! Just complete your purchase and you will receive a confirmation email (check your junk mail folder if you don't see it) with a link you can share with your team members that allows them to register for free. Only one purchase is required per organization. 

Will a recording be provided for those who can't attend?

Absolutely! We send a recording of the live session to all registered attendees within 24 hours of the live event ending. You will also receive a recording if you purchased a webinar after the live session has ended.


Are these webinar included in the purchase of a 2022 Core Subscription?
No. This series is separate from any other webinar purchases that have been offered. 

Do these webinars count towards my CFRE certification?

This series has been approved for 1 CFRE continuing education point per webinar (4 points for the entire series).


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Matthew Helmer

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Angie Joens

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