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7 Donor Relations Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

If you follow Donor Relations Guru on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you may have spotted some of our #DRGQuickTips. These short videos and quotes include some of our greatest pieces of advice - as well as the top tips we share with our clients. They address your biggest pain points and provide you with a guru's guide to resolving them. In case you've missed them, here are some of our most recent #DRGQuickTip videos.

#1 Tip for Better Acknowledgements - Lynne Wester

The #1 Thing Every Event Should Have - Matthew Helmer

Shift Your Approach - Lynne Wester

What Donors Really Want - Angie Joens

How to Create Great Donor Emails - Lynne Wester

How to Measure the Impact of Your Donor Relations Efforts - Sarah Sims

Best Piece of Donor Relations Technology - Lynne Wester


Don't Underestimate the Value of a Loyal Donor - Lynne on The Chronicle of Philanthropy

The 4 Pillars of Donor Relations

The 4 Pillars of Donor Communications

Which quick tip did you find most helpful? Share your favorite in the comments, along with your top piece of advice!


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