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Spending Time in Gratitude: Practicing What We Preach

Gratitude—it's woven into the fabric of the work that we do. It's one of our key values at the DRG Group. Not only is giving thanks is a core component of the donor relations profession, but studies have shown that spending time in gratitude can make you happier and healthier. So, this week a few members of our team sat down to spend some time sharing a few things we're grateful for. We highly encourage you to do the same!


I am thankful that 2021 has brought me work-life balance and self care in a way I never thought possible. I am thankful for each and every person that read about my journey or listened on the podcast and reached out to let me know it resonated with them. Being vulnerable is especially difficult and this warm reception made it that much easier.

I am thankful for the DEI conversations and those of you who were brave enough to join us— they have only just begun! It is ok to not see our industry as perfect and to be the change we want to see. I give gratitude each and every day for everyone doing their work no matter how large or small to make a difference. It's a journey and I'm thrilled to help lead and shape it for our industry.

It takes gumption to talk about these hard issues and I'm grateful I was born with and raised to have it. Thanks Mom and Dad!


I know I might be alone here but I am thankful for being back in the office and on campus. Oh, how I missed them. How we are back is different now—we have a hybrid model of 60% in and 40% remote and my teams could pick the days of the week that made the best sense for them. The transition back was tough—I am not going to lie. People were scared and honestly so was I—the unknown is always scary. But we did it together and we gave each other lots of grace. It took us about a month to settle back in and I knew we were there when I heard laughter again in the halls. My teams work together so beautifully and the synergy and communication improved when we could all be together. I am thankful to our leadership for creating this opportunity for staff to continue to work remotely some of the time. It makes for a better quality of life for them and happier team members.

I remain thankful for our donors and volunteers. They stayed with us during such a difficult time. They were open to socially distanced donor visits or connected with us via Zoom. They gave to emergency funds for our students and employees. They stayed engaged by attending so many virtual events. And when it was time, took the extra safety precautions so they could attend events in person and come back to campus. They cheered for us. They celebrated with us. They guided us. They pushed us. And they supported us so we could make more possible for our students, faculty, patients and clients. Thank YOU!


I'm grateful for colleagues in the profession who, despite the toll the ongoing impacts of the pandemic has on us all, have leaned into learning and growing this past year. Whether it's my own team who remain committed to reinventing and experimenting with new ways to engage with donors, or all of you who've met the DRG Group in conversations about challenging the status quo and advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work, the resilience among our professional community offers me such hope that we will continue to evolve and improve. Thank You!

Every day, I'm thankful to be able to work in the business of changing lives. Our duties aren't always glamorous. Our strategies aren't always solid. Our to-do lists are never complete. But we get to show up and be part of something bigger than us, something that offers hope to people, to animals, to our communities, to the planet. To be surrounded by generosity and optimism in our work lives is something to be cherished, and it's an investment in us that our donors and volunteers provide through their gifts. How truly fortunate we are to serve others through this profession!


I am thankful that remote work has become more normalized…though I am not thankful it took a pandemic to get there! Working remotely can provide greater flexibility with scheduling, providing enhanced work-life balance, and often leads to increased productivity. It can also increase the number of candidates for an organization’s open positions instead of limiting the applicant pool to those who already live—or are willing to move—where the organization is based.

I’ve been working remotely since joining the DRG Group in the summer of 2019 and can’t imagine going back to a full-time in-office work environment! *Wearing bedroom slippers as I write this from my home office*


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