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Is It Time For a Career Move?

10 Questions You Need to Ask Before Your Start Your Next Job Search

By Angela Joens

Happy New Year friends! It is a New Year and a New Decade. What are you going to do with it? I am one of those annoying people who love this time of year. I like to reflect on the previous year and see what I learned during the year. Who did I meet? How did I change? Did I change? Was this change purposeful or did it just happen?

I also love to set goals for the New Year. I want to have a clear idea of what I want to do this year and how I am going to accomplish it. I even create a word for the year and try to keep that word in mind as I make decisions all year long.

As an executive coach it is important to help my clients set goals that are meaningful and personal but also achievable. I want to know not just what they want to achieve but why? Sometimes it is “the why” that is the most important part of this equation.

For example – let’s say your goal for 2020 is to find a new job. As an executive coach, a manager, or a friend the first question I will ask you is why or why now? It is so important to understand your motivations for seeking a new position and to know what you want and need in your next move. I have watched really great people make decisions they later regretted because they didn’t stop and assess if they were really ready for a move.

So if you are looking to make a career move this year here are 10 questions for you to consider:

  1. Why do I want to change jobs?

  2. Am I ready or do I have the skills needed for my next job?

  3. Does this new job/organization align with my personal values?

  4. Will this new job provide the work/life balance I need?

  5. Is there room for advancement when I am ready?

  6. What compensation/benefits do I need in my next job?

  7. Can I work with the leadership?

  8. Will I have the resources needed to do my job well?

  9. Do I understand the organization’s mission and does it align with my personal beliefs?

  10. What is the organization’s culture like?

Once you have done your homework and feel comfortable with the answers - now you are ready to begin your job search. You know not only why you want to change jobs but you know the type of culture and organization and leadership you are looking for to be successful.

One last piece of advice for your job search – be confident in your own abilities. Go for the job even if it is a stretch. If you want to grow and advance in your career you are going to have to take some risks and be ok being uncomfortable while you figure it out.

And if you are not certain how to begin your donor relations job search check out our recently added “Gigs” section on the Donor Relations Guru website. We have curated each position and organization and know what is open and exciting.


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