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On the Road Again: Our List of Travel Must-Haves

We're slowing finding ourselves on the road again for the first time since March 2020. After traveling for business for more than two decades, one would think it would be just like riding a bike…but we've found ourselves in need of training wheels!

Here is a quick list of the things that USED to be top of mind for us when packing and traveling for business with a few new additions. These might be helpful to you whenever you hit the road again:

  1. Professional attire. Sounds totally obvious, right? But since you started working remotely, when is the last time you got dressed—completely dressed—and stayed dressed for an entire workday? You might need to try a few things on and don’t forget the shoes, especially if you’ll be walking or standing more than usual. And remember your travel umbrella or raincoat.

  2. Masks that are comfortable or at least tolerable for the workday. And it’s a great idea to have a spare mask or two. Even if masks are not mandated at your destination, they will be required in airports, on flights, for ground transportation, etc. Be sure you are up to speed on mask requirements for each and every step of your trip.

  3. Cash. Remember paper money? Shuttle drivers, bellmen, and housekeeping do for sure. Be sure to have cash available and in the right increments for tips.

  4. Hand sanitizer and wipes. The hospitality and travel industry are doing their best to sanitize their planes, trains, and automobiles along with your hotel room. But think about your personal comfort and pack any travel-friendly products that you may want on hand.

  5. Chargers, adapters, dongles, and such. All the things you need to work from the road. I like to have a good pen or three, a small scratch pad and sharpie in tow because - well, just because. If there are any odds and ends you’ll need, be sure to throw them in your bag.

  6. Refillable water bottle, snacks, breath mints. The things you have full access to when working from home are likely the things you don’t want to pay airport prices for in order to have them on your trip.

  7. Out of office reply on your email. Even when traveling FOR business, it’s a great idea to set an out of office so folks know you may be slow to respond their messages.

  8. PATIENCE. And lots of it. Patience is always a virtue but is needed now more than ever with airport security, shuttles, and hotels.

We hope this helps you for whenever you travel next for work. Oh – and we can confirm that hotel ballrooms are just as cold now as you remember them being, especially with less people in the space! Safe travels and happy trails to you!


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