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Welcome Emails and Thank Yous that Work

Recently, the discussion of email thank yous has been a hot topic. When are they appropriate, who gets them, why email and not just a letter? Well for digital donors, especially monthly recurring sustaining donors, emails are a fantastic communication method. But what's more important than the method and channel is the way your emails involve a donor in the process. They should express gratitude and build a relationship. 

Recently, I decided to make a monthly donation to Folds of Honor after watching a video that a friend sent me. After picking myself up off the floor and drying my eyes, I decided to take action and joined them. Ever since giving monthly to Charity:Water I'd been looking for another organization that speaks to me as a human and grabs the essence of their mission in their communications. Folds of Honor delivered. First in their confirmation email thank you here:

I really enjoyed the text and the message. The subject line read: Welcome to the ranks! Thank you for becoming a Wingman Then I received a follow up welcome email a few days later that told me what to expect in their communications:

Again, great text and something I could relate to. I look forward to receiving communications from them in the future and I will keep you updated-

My friend Jennifer Richwine, author of With Gratitude, which, if you don't own a copy you should buy ASAP, sent me this fantastic welcome and thank you from an organization she recently donated to:

I love the video link and also that her gift was timely for them- How wonderful! These two organizations are really getting it right-Which begs the question, what are you doing to welcome your donors digitally? What have you seen that is effective? Remember this is their first impression of you as an organization and it matters! Is it something they want to share with their friends? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Cheers, Lynne


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