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What Happens in Vegas...

The entire Donor Relations Guru Group gathered in Las Vegas last week to discuss plans for 2019. And while typically what happens in Vegas should stay there, we thought instead we would share a little of it with you.

We began by hosting our first ever Facebook Live Q&A. We had a blast interacting with you and learned a lot about how to use this tool. (For those of you who tuned in early, thanks for sticking with us as we sorted it all out.) We had hundreds of our followers tune in to ask great questions and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We are looking for ways to be more accessible to you our colleagues, subscribers, and friends and this is one tool that will allow us to do that. So, watch for more opportunities like this - sometimes it may just be the Guru and other times you may get the entire group!

We also spent time reviewing the survey results. Thanks to all of you who participated and provided us feedback. We used this data to help us plan for 2019 and beyond. It informed our decisions and kept us laser focused on what you – our clients, our subscribers, our colleagues, our industry needs and wants this year.

We created a year-long webinar series that remains focused on the four pillars and other areas of interest that we believe will inform and inspire you. We also plan to do more targeted webinar series that we call our spotlight series for our more focused deep dives on topics needed the most! We also planned our 4 Pillars conference schedule and as always we remain dedicated to making them exciting, energetic, and affordable. Thank you to our new partners, ThankView and MSP Engage for their contributions! Stay tuned for more information on our educational offerings.

As always we remain committed to providing you with resources and samples and in that light planned our sample swaps for the year. Keep a look out for fresh ideas and content to inform, inspire, and maybe even entertain you.

We also plan to offer an Innovation Institute in Austin this spring. It will be a two day exclusive experience that we promise will be unlike any conference you have attended. It won’t appeal to everyone – it is for those of you who are willing to take big risks, the changemakers, the ideators, and the disrupters. We’ve got exciting keynotes and never before seen content for our industry!

Most importantly we reaffirmed our commitment to this work and industry that we love. We identified our key values. These six values define us, drive us, and keep us focused. The Donor Relations Guru Group values:

  • Innovation

  • Integrity

  • Authenticity

  • Generosity

  • Gratefulness

  • And - Joy – always Joy!!!

Our promise to you is that:

We see things differently.

We believe that donor relations is the key to fundraising success.

Gratitude and generosity fuel us.

Your donors impact lives.

We partner with you to innovate, strategize, train, execute, and grow.

You realize your potential.

Together, we inspire future giving.

We accomplished a lot in Vegas and we hope that this new content, our new service offerings, and our resources will motivate, intrigue, and energize you. What happened in Vegas was too exciting not to share with all of you, and we hope you are inspired by the work headed your way.


The DRG Group


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