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The Keys to
Excellence In Donor Relations

Looking for a comprehensive donor relations training program? This on-demand course delivers 10+ hours of instructional modules, a 60+ guidebook with worksheets, templates, samples, and more to aid you in your work, and all the tips, tricks, and strategies wish we we had known when we started in donor relations—and everything we've learned along the way. Perfect for training, re-training, and on-boarding! 


The Keys to
Powerful Endowment Reporting

Endowment reporting is one of the most time and resource consuming practices in our industry—it's also necessary. This 7-module, on-demand course will walk you through the entire process and teach you what you need to send, who you need to send it to, who you should partner with, and the process to get it out the door. This is a comprehensive training program that can be used for your entire organization—including current and future staff. 


The Keys to
Giving Day Stewardship

Giving Days have become a growing trend in fundraising—and creating a comprehensive stewardship strategy for these donors is a must if you want to retain them. This 8-module course walks you through everything you need to do before, during, and after your Giving Day. 


The Keys to
Amazing Donor Surveys

Donor surveys help you retain donors—but did you know they can also help you upgrade donors and boost revenue partnered with Rachel Muir in this 3-part course to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to survey like the pros. 


The Keys to

Amazing Nonprofit Events

No more rubber chicken dinners! Events are about memory making—and you are the memory makers. In this innovative course series, I’ll teach you how to transform your events into immersive experiences that will move attendees to emotion and leave a lasting impression.  


The Keys to

Amazing Donor Communications

One of the most crucial keys to retaining donors is creating amazing donor communications. In this 3-part course, you'll learn how to create inspiring communications that will improve your donor relations and raise more money for your organization.

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